Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Flying to Arizona!

I am sitting here trying not to fall asleep as I know I will be really sleepy when I get to 3am. I am flying off to Arizona for a symposium on Playback Theatre with my best pal, Agnes. I felt like there are tons of things I have not done... but I can't be worrying now. Just know that God will take care of everything while I am away and He will carry me through any situation.

I can't wait to meet my old pals in Playback too... it has been two years since we last met up in the School of Playback in NY. Much of my excitement stems from the fact that it is hard for people like me and Agnes who have so little chances to meet up with our peers in USA or UK. Well, I hope some people from different parts of the States are coming... it would really be nice to have a good reunion! *yawn yawn*

Oh oh... now I am getting really sleepy! Die lah... how to keep awake now??? hahaha... perhaps I should go and wash my face! Hmmm... going to look for something to munch too...

Hey people... I see you all in 9 days time!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Poem: Bird in a Café

Silently she treads…
Between crossed legs and brown cane chairs,
Among endless chats and joyful laughter,
A tasty morsel here and a quick sip there.

Swiftly she darts…
Towards the fallen bits and pieces.
Amidst some watchful eyes and curious smiles,
Lunch, dinner or perhaps supper later!

What a bold figure she makes;
What an impressive sight to behold!
Fearless feathered heroine…
Out to seek her little fortune.

With a powerful leap and a mighty bound;
With unlimited grace and impeccable style!
Perched on a ledge she proclaims…
"Another successful mission is complete!"

And with the twit of a soulful tune,
She disappears in the faceless crowd.
In future time, she shall re-appear…
When the moment is right and the yearning is clear.


Poem: Squirrel On the Move

Once I saw a squirrel walking
Across the road his tail a-bobbing,
One step, a hop and a skip.
Brown bushy tail with a graceful flip
Once embarked on this frightful adventure
No turning back for this daring road-dasher

Oh how he took his time
Was he contemplating his crime?
Just a few more leaps
A new tree-home for keeps
But what if he did not make it
Would it be worth this feat?

Any hesitation now would be fatal
Moving forward was vital
Zipping through the bustle
The ongoing traffic, oh what a hassle!
Two steps, three hops and a skip…
Safe from the danger in a mighty leap!

I actually saw a squirrel cross the busy road just outside the YMCA Orchard.
I was shocked as I didn’t think he/she would survive this journey.
But squirrels are real survivors… this one was exceptional!

Poem: When Sparky Came To School

One fine morning, I took Sparky for a ride
On the local bus, where his basket was by my side.
He sat in there and meowed his heart out,
Wondering what this terrible journey was about.
Commuters smiled as they watched the commotion,
With all that shoosh-ing and meowing with emotion.
I started to have a bad feeling on the way…
About bringing Sparky to school on a working day!

When Sparky came to visit the school,
He huddled in a corner of his basket like a trembling fool.
It was clear to see that this was not what he thought…
Although I tried to interest him with the wonderful toys I got.
But he was not impressed and ran to hide himself,
Crawling and searching behind my book shelf.
There he sat snuggled between the shelf and the wall.
Four times I crawled through to grab him, cursing under my breath and all.

When Sparky came to class,
Oh the special kids, see how they would fuss!
Petting him and stroking his ears…
Strange enough, he chased away their fears.
But poor little Sparky, the attention was too much!
Soon he shivered and shrank from each loving touch.
I saw him running away from every eager hand,
I decided it was time to rescue my poor feline friend!

When Sparky came to school that Monday morning,
I rushed home quickly in a yellow cab that very evening!
Scowling in his basket, he made his displeasure known,
Having had enough that day, I told him in a most frustrated tone,
“Okay, okay… you are on your way home…
And this is the express flight to Rome!”
Out of the basket, he scampered around the house in delight.
Oh… my decision to bring him to school was indeed a lack of foresight!


My 3rd Cat

This is Ah Heng (means Lucky in Hokkien dialect) my youngest cat... he is full of funny antics whenever I leave him alone. He doesn't like cuddles at all, but yearns for people to stroke him. He hides under my bed whenever I am not home and sleeps there for the whole day on my green suitcase. Sometimes my mom panicks when she can't find him, you see... he is very special. He has been most lucky or "blessed" because he was left dying after a vicious fight with the neighbourhood cats. Mom said that the lady that picked him up found him half dead and it is a miracle that he is alive and well today. Whenever I look at the cats in my neighbourhood, I can't help but feel that Ah Heng is very blessed to have food, shelter and people to stroke him whenever he wants it. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Poem: A Walkabout in The Rain

I started with a reflection
A humbling confession
A revealing soul
Then I had a revelation

I started with a revelation
A praying community
A wandering spirit
Then I had a chat

I started with a chat
A burning desire
A yearning heart
Then I took a walk

I started with a walk
A pondering mind
A refreshing downpour
Then I had a reflection


How does one continue after being received into the open arms of a loving Father? The call to serve becomes so real when the reflections became revelations! Words from a much needed walk… rained upon a faith-inspired day.

Once we were young

my playback theatre friends Posted by Hello

Why do I love Playback Theatre?

I fell in love with playback theatre when I learnt it from Bev in 2002. Today, I am struggling to keep it as part-time work. The truth is as much as I love it, I don’t know if I want to make it my only career. I love doing playback and will always enjoy learning more about it. I am even crazy enough to go to Arizona to attend the symposium when I am barely making ends meet. I am going on pure faith. I must be crazy! But I always believe that it is important to enjoy doing the things I do. Even if I don’t have much, I can still depend on my God who provides me everything.

I want to remember this: I do playback theatre because it is about life. I do playback because it draws me closer to human experiences. I do it because I create a loving environment with the playback skills I learnt. I am but one of the channels that facilitates the inner healing to take place. I want to do my best in giving to people a playback experience. If there is anyone who is crazy, that is me! I think I am mad because I give almost everything to do playback theatre. But I truly believe that God has a greater purpose for me when He gave me playback theatre. Now I can only walk one step behind Him and follow His directions.

I need to write this out so that I won’t forget why I do what I do. How many times must I remind myself? I really don’t know… I know that I won’t forget to say thank you God for giving me playback theatre!

Poem: If You Could

If you could paint a picture
Would you give it lots of colours?
Would it have a dash of blue and pink,
Or a splash of yellow and green?
Could you fill it up with many faces…
Full of expressions and emotions?
Could you hide the canvas in lushful greens?
To recreate the tapestry of Life!

If you could compose a song
Would it be a symphony of voices?
Would it have lighter notes?
Cheery words and meaningful phrases…
Could you overflow it with melodious harmony?
Would you infuse the sheets with rhythmic tempo,
To rejuvenate the spirit of Music!

If you could write a poem
And retell the stories you have heard…
Would it boast of adventures and friendships,
Romances and nostalgic memories?
Could you have words that comfort and encourage
Rhymes that tease and cajole?
To revitalize the promise of Language!

If only you could…
If only we would…
Then we would understand,
Then we would make a stand.
Well… I know I would!
Would you? Could you?


I wrote the first part of this poem in a friend's birthday card. Then I got inspired and decided to finish writing by adding on. I really feel that it is important to find our own ways in expressing our joys, sadness, fears and pain and to do it with such gusto!

Finally, I did it!

Finally, I succumb to the temptation of printing my thoughts and poems out there. I have never liked the idea of displaying myself out there to the world. Part of me think that this is scary, the other parts just say Go for it! Whatever it is... I am just taking one day at time. I just hope that what I write would make sense to myself and give someone something to chew on.

Today is a milestone for me! :)