Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Poem: In My Hurry

In my hurry
I forgot I am running ahead
I realise you have not caught up
I thought I am in your world
But it was a farce

In my hurry
I thought I've been with you for ages
I found I have only just known you
I believed we are together
But it was already the end

In my hurry
I wanted you to be my one and only
I felt time is my enemy
I trusted this feeling of love
But you were gone from me

In my hurry
I need to know this truth
I cannot control how you feel
I can only take one step towards you
But you chose to walk away

So I do not hurry
I have learnt to be still
I want the chase too
I feel I am important
So baby, I am not waiting any more.