Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thought of the Day: What defines you does not define me

What defines you?

Is it your house?
Is it your job?
Is it your best of friends?
Is it the way you live?
Is it the philosophy you follow?
Is it the principles you hold?
Is it your car?
Is it your paper qualifications?
Is it your children's school?
Is it your sense of social justice?

What defines me?

Is it my music?
Is it my words?
Is it my work?
Is it my passport?
Is it my passion in the arts?
Is it my prayer life?
Is it my pride?
Is it my precious friendships?
Is it my heartfelt stories?
Is it my love for cats?

What defines you may not necessarily define me...
I want to be defined by my identity in Christ alone!

by momoko69

Monday, September 10, 2012

Short Story: The Heart of the Spirit

Perhaps this is a time in her life that Ariana has never experienced before. She wondered if this is the right thing to do. Her mom had warned her that some things are better left unsaid or undone. But she felt this was important. She could not let it go. Her heart was determined to do it. So as she walked to the church across the street, all she could think about was she was told to be there at the right time.

As she stepped into the serene atmosphere of the church compound, she wondered why she was to be there at 3am in the morning. It was quite different from the usual church atmosphere of cheery laughter and joyful fellowship every Sunday. As she walked around the compound, she sensed that it was not time as yet.

Suddenly she heard a rustle in the nearby bushes, she was startled. "Anyone there?" she asked. No one answered. But she saw a shadow moved across the dark bushes surrounding the church. "I am not afraid of you, you just come out!". The rustling stopped as a voice surfaced from the darkness. "Can you help me?" the voice sounded like a young man.

He stepped out of the bushes. Under the dim streetlights, Ariana could just make out the young man to be of average height, with short tussled hair and boyish looks. He looked pretty tired from the red bloodshot eyes. Ariana was not afraid of this man at all. She felt the Holy Spirit prompting her to talk to him. "Why... are you.... here?" she asked hesistantly.

He sat down on the floor next to her and tried to tie his shoelaces that were undone. "I don't know... I felt led to this place. From afar, I saw the shining blue cross and I just knew I had to come here." She listened as he had a faraway look in his eyes. "I am quite lost... I don't have any money... no job... no friends. I am not sure why I am talking to you. Right now, I don't know if God is listening to me, but I sure hope He is because I am desperate.". Ariana did not know why, but her heart seemed to brim with sadness. She knew that there was something about his story or the way he related it that make her sad. She felt sad not because she pitied him but because God is revealing a part of His heart to her about him. She felt God saying to her that this man had travelled a long way in search of a home. To this day, this man has yet to find a place to call his home.

A soft voice started to sing... the melody was unfamiliar yet haunting. The voice filled the air as the melody floated around the young man. The young man closed his eyes as he felt the music penetrating his heart. He listened quietly and the voice kept going. This was not a song with lyrics, it was a song that came from the heart, a song that spoke to him about his disappointments in life and his inability to move out of the vicious cycle. It was singing to him and it was like God speaking to his heart. The melody went on with incomprehensible words but it seemed more uplifting. It seemed to come to a place of peace, joy and love. The song began to sing about those qualities into his heart and slowly, he felt lighter as if his burdens were lifted up. He felt God's soft gentle embrace circling his body. He felt a release of his own misery and emotions. He felt God saying, "Come home, my son!" At that point in time, he knew who he was  and where his home was.

The melody faded away. Ariana looked up with tears brimming from her eyes. She didn't know how long she had been singing but she knew she could not stop it. She knew it was a strange but lovely moment. She just knew she was born to sing it and yet she did not know how or why.

The young man stood up as he smiled at Ariana. "Thank you, you don't know how much that means to me?" Suddenly it occured to him to ask her for her name, "What's your name, young lady?". "It's Ariana." she said without a hesitation. "Do you know the meaning of your name?" asked the man whose countenance looked much better now under the street light. "It means.. sacred song." And in that moment, she finally understood why her mom named her so and this was what she heard when she was in her mother's womb.

by momoko69