Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Waiting for A Miracle

I believe in miracles. Not just because the Bible tells me so. God has His Ways of showing us what He has in store. In my life, I hear many incidents of people telling me how God has provided them in occasions where they have lost hope initially. I know I cannot convince you about something that you have not personally experienced it yourself. I can only say that I have experienced the very real feeling of being broke right to the very last cent in my bank account and receiving a cheque that has been delayed for many weeks. The feeling is pure gratitude and an immense feeling of being loved by a Fatherly God.

In times when I thought things are gone for sure, He surprises me with new insights and discoveries. I am usually quite pessimistic when I am alone with my thoughts. Perhaps that is why God knows me well enough to show me alternative views and conclusions whenever I am too negative internally. For that, I am grateful and thankful. So I continue to wait for my next miracle... Are you waiting for a miracle? Just ask Him and He will bring one to you...