Saturday, December 05, 2009

Henceforth You Shall Be Called Faithful

That is my name from now on. It took me a long time to realise this. I thought it was easy since I was a good girl. But I was so blinded by who I wanted to be. I took a long walk and ended up at the crossroad. In the end, I learnt to be a child first. I learnt who my Father was. I felt like an orphan for the longest time. But once I got to know Him, I started to take Him for granted.

It is always like that, isn't it? When you are close to someone, you start to forget to communicate and take for granted that what is not said is meant to be understood. But in life, relationships need communication. I don't know how I became more and more complacent. I expect things to happen when I ask Him for help. I take it that since I am His child, He would do everything I asked.

But it is not like that, isn't it? It is a relationship that requires much time, love and care. Just like any human relationship. If you love Him, you need to spend time with Him. If you want to know Him, you need to read His Memoirs to understand His Thoughts, Ideas and Beliefs. In understanding Him, I need to take time to build a deeper relationship with Him. In loving Him, I need to trust Him through actions and not just words.

This is my name. Faithful till the day I die. I used to want you to call me other names. Beautiful, Blessing, Gifted, Joyful, Loving, etc. Today, I have a new name and this seems most comfortable! As the song goes... I will follow you, follow you wherever you may go! Lord, let me be able to come before you one day and hear you call me by name.