Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Heart of A Father

He watches as his son takes his first few steps.The little one has just begun the first year of his life, his dad ponders. What should he do if he falls before he can catch him? He finds it hard to imagine that scene but deep down he knows, falling down is part of Life. The struggle to get up is so familiar and yet so essential to him.

“Wahhh!” his son cries so pitifully. He closes his eyes and begins to pray in his heart... “Get up my child, you can stand up because you have me cheering you on, I stand here with my watchful eyes and open arms, seeing you cry and struggling to get up hurts me more than you can imagine, but I have given you my strength and courage to stand and take a step forward. If I hold your hand all the time, you will cling on to me and not learn the value of independence. In time, you will slowly but surely dislike me for controlling your movements as I will want to protect you from possible harm.”

So he has to let go… to let the little one fall and feel the hardness of the ground, take painful steps to stand upright and struggle as he finds his inner balance to stand. He thought to himself, “I may have let you go in the process, but I have not given up on you. I have not walked away. I am here standing in the shadowy darkness of your silhouette. I have always been here.” Just as the little one is about to fall the second time, he rushes forward to hold him up. Just enough to steady his steps. Then he smiles quietly as he moves away for his son to take the next step.