Friday, November 20, 2015

Poem: From Beginning to End

It began with a memory.
It became a thought.
I took the time.
I wrote the letter.
You answered with glee.
You agreed to meet.
The date was decided.
The time was fixed.
With much anticipation.
With great expectation.
After so many years...
After much searching...
What a let down!
What a different kind of ending.
The truth is you had forgotten.


Note: I never heard from him again. I didn't want to write to him any more. He doesn't believe in this friendship. I guess some things will always be more important.

Poem: In the secret place

Do you know...
Why we cry
In the valley
Deep within
A yearning
To know and be loved

Do you remember
The secret place
Where stillness lives
The forgotten core
Of your being
Seeking Him

Don't you know
That's what's missing
The burning sensation
Caused by Him
Who loves you most
The secret dweller

Don't you forget
Who you are
In His eyes
You are beloved
Transforming daily
With His love

By momoko69


Remind me before I slowly go mad
How much I love the blue sky
Its fluffy clouds and frivolous dreams
Where once I knew my existence

Remind me before I slowly grow deaf
How much I care for your affirmations
Your caring words and hugs
Could have been my main source of strength

Remind me before I slowly become blind
How worthless your acts of service
When all you do
Is break down the very bond that held us together

Remind me before my soul completely dies
How you have become so dead
To my inner cries
When the time comes for you to go
Forgive me if I cannot cry any more.


Poem: For The Last Time

I want to remind myself...
This is worth my time
I do it for old time's sake
Perhaps we have forgotten
What it was like in the old days

I want to remember
The hours we spent laughing
Making it work for the last time
Taking this as my gift to you
Believing that it is enough

I hope you get this
I don't need to say anything
I just want to say goodbye
As long as you know
It will never be the same again

By momoko69

Perhaps he will never know that I have said goodbye to the past that is tied to our friendship. The new beginning now is simply one of acquaintance. I like it when I cannot remember his number by memory now. Perhaps that is a sign.

Poem: Farewell My Beloved

As you move farther away
I am standing still
As I say goodbye to you
You have begun a new journey

Perhaps it's me
Who refuses to let you go
It is you who taught me
To love is to give

Setting you free
Is allowing me the space
To breathe again
Giving time a chance

As I move away from
The pain of losing you
I regain the strength
To love again.

By momoko69

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Poem: When Serendipity Begins...

When I least expected it
He appeared before me
Perhaps it was I who
Sensed his aura
His wit and humour
Took me by surprise

Ask not how I knew
For it was within my soul
That I just felt like we
Have known each other
Since time began

We spoke about life
We forgot about time
How I wished this moment
Would be frozen
Holding it simply for me

Today I must depart
Time is not my enemy
Distance became it
Tucked in a tiny corner
Is my memory of you
Forever held in a whisper

The butterfly is alone
Once again in stillness
She wonders if you remember
The light in her eyes
Only time will tell