Friday, June 10, 2005

I love yellow roses!

This was taken with my digicam.
Mom said this was plucked from her collection of roses outside our home.
So beautiful, yeah? I love yellow roses and I love receiving them.
Last night, I saw a girl holding a bunch of yellow roses, it was given by her boyfriend.
I looked at them longingly and wished that it was me who had them.
Ha! It's okay, I have this memory of a yellow rose! *grins*

Grand Canyon

One of God's creative inspirations!

Dream: The Key and the Wallet

Last night, I had a dream.

I dreamt about being in school again.
I dreamt about being in the graduating class.
I was given a special key by my teacher.
She told me I could put my wallet in there.
I went to check out the lockers.
They all looked alike... those lockers.

I finally found my locker.
The key kind of fits.
But when I opened it,
it was filled with comic books.
What a bonus?! Or is it?
It was filled to the brim.

I wanted to put my wallet in there.
Lost?! Where is my wallet?
I can't find it, where did I put it?
I hunted for it high and low.
Nowhere in sight?!
Did I leave it somewhere else?

There, under the table lies my wallet.
There, under the desk was my precious.
I did not lose it after all.
Somehow it was not meant to be locked up.
Perhaps that is why it got lost.
Perhaps that is why it got under the desk.

I thought for a while today. Trying to see what this dream meant to me. When my dream develops into a plot, I know my subsconscious mind is telling me something. I know the key and the wallet are significant objects. The key seems to represent an opportunity that I am given. The wallet is a manifestation of my heart. The lockers may represent the people I met in my life. It is hard for me to understand what is really going on, but it is making sense to me somehow.

Poem: Understand This

How we long to be understood…
To be known by another human being.
How difficult it is for us to transcribe
Those confusing thoughts and feelings.

For when I am accepted for who I am…
For once, I feel safe to be ME!
So tired with your frivolous games…
Shall I proceed to retreat into my shell?

In the first week, we would be enamoured.
By the next month, I would feel a sudden alienation…
Please do not say ”I had a busy week!"
For it would only increase my exasperation!

Learn to understand this…
This is the inner voice crying out in all of us.
That deeper need of understanding and acceptance
Of who we are and what we can become…

momoko (3.12.2000)

More women are complaining about their men who failed to understand their dispositions.
They continue to seek acceptance and love from anyone who is willing to take more steps in learning about them. These women resign themselves to the fate of being misunderstood or even ignored. A male friend once told me that a man would need to fight fiercely with his mind in order to allow his heart to listen for once! My heartfelt sentiments exactly!