Sunday, March 09, 2008

Faith in Many Colours

a green sapling emerges
tenderness in his hands
as beauty awakens
embracing and believing

fading yellow shades dissipate
departing from his arms
as time deliberates
maturing and nurturing

leaves in brown and black shadows
crumbling into his hands
as faith dies
humbling and reflecting

golden oil drips upon dying leaves
anointed by his hands
as faith re-awakens
renewing and refreshing

This vision was given to me during a Sunday service at Trinity Christian Centre. I felt very touched by the imagery and decided to pen down these thoughts. My heart was becoming dry brown leaves recently as I got busy with work and interests. I felt farther away from His love and attention. But when I got up to meet God in His inner santuary, I am thankful that He reminded me of the importance of being "oiled" by Him on a regular basis. Praise God for sharing this vision with the lady who prayed over me. It gave me great hope and encouragement that God has not forgotten me and His promises to me.