Monday, July 04, 2005

Love in Any Language

Dear God,

Sometimes I feel that I speak of Love poorly, I don't know how to help people who are going through their own desert experience. I feel so inadequate and helpless. I learn that I cannot change their circumstances or their broken spirits... I learn that I don't have the right words to say to them. But Your Word alone is powerful healing... how do I bring Your Word to people?

You gave me the gift of teaching. You taught me how to teach to your people. I can only say as much in a short time that I am given. Yet, I know I have said enough in that short time. When everything is over, people come up to me to thank me. I don't feel any pride... instead I feel the peace that I have done my best in that short time to share Your heart with Your people. Perhaps that is what You mean by living Your Word. To encourage, to motivate and to comfort those who are around us.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Vision: Old Jug and New Jug

God showed me a badly cracked up jug and it was all held together by the balm of the Holy Spirit. I could see Him holding it up and pouring water out of it into other cups and jugs. He said to me, "This is you... this is the old you. This is you held together by Grace. But now I am going to do something very drastic." Saying this, He broke the old and broken jug into many pieces. He started to mix the millions of pieces into the mirrey clay.

He said to me, "I want to show you something." He showed me a new jug. A beautifully formed jug that pours out more water. It is strong enough to hold the Living Waters in it. I saw that jug poured out a steady and strong stream of water. God says to me, "This is the new you... this is who you are... this is what I want you to be... I don't want you to be the same old Anne. The sins that were in your past can no longer hold you down. You are made new again by my hands. Remember this well!!!!

4 Aug 2004