Friday, May 07, 2010

The Distance From Me To You

A hundred steps away
Your gaze paralyzes me
I can hardly breathe
No one is fairer than thee

Another 50 steps to go
Your heart bleeds again
I wait for your signal
Never to be seen

All 25 steps and counting
Your tears beckons me on
I just want to call out
Not by title but by name

Just 10 steps more
Your soul connects with me
I listen and smile
No one understands you but me

All it takes is one more step
Your life was but a game
I can tell you this
Nothing is worth gaining when I lose you

by momoko (6.5.2010)

A poem inspired by the dying moments of Bi Dam before Queen Deokman in the korean drama show "Queen Deokman"

~A-Poem For You~

Alone at the bus stop
Alone at the movies
Alone in my thoughts
Alone is my walk

Apart from the schedules
Apart from the crowd
Apart from you
Apart from my heart

Again in the dark
Again from the start
Again in my dreams
Again under the moon

by momoko (5.5.2010)

This poem was inspired by the sheer overwhelming loneliness I felt around me while sitting at the bus stop after work and a sharing by a girl friend about her life right now.