Monday, May 02, 2011

Reconnecting with God Through Primitive Ways

I have not been writing much these days. Perhaps the iPhone is to be blamed... much of my time is spent updating my status on Facebook. I realised I don't have much interest in writing anything since then. Recently when I started to write poetry on Facebook, I discovered I felt more alive than I have ever been in the past year or so.

Last Sunday, I started to write again. I mean on paper! Using a multicoloured pen and my notebook, I started to take notes using the most traditional ways. It actually felt good! I could write notes the way I want to, draw relevant pictures to help me remember the sermon and take time to make the sermon look colourful using my multicoloured pen.

I miss taking sermon notes this way. The iPhone makes me dull in my mind. I stopped being creative in my note-taking style. Thank you, God for your creative ways! I feel so much more awake when I use my hand to write and draw. The point of doing this is to help me make more sense of the sermon pointers and apply them back into my life on a daily basis.

Going back to basics is so important to our spiritual life as well. How often we take for granted the gift of salvation... the point of being saved and the grace of being forgiven. Whenever I feel like my spirit man feels empty or drained, I would go back to the first time when I feel closest to Him. The ways which helped me connect with Him again. The drawings, the poems, the writings, the thoughts are all part of His ways to communicate with me.

Father God, lest I forget You
Lest I take each day in vain
Teach me how to trace my steps
To where it began

Teach me the basics once more
That I may rekindle my heart's flames
Reboot my connection with you
To boost this failing spirit

As I draw, write and ponder
Bring me a refreshing perspective
Of Your Heart and Mind
That I may appreciate You once more

by momoko69