Thursday, August 29, 2013

Poem: In step with you

He walks
She walks
In silence
They move

She shares
He listens
In contemplation
They ponder

She shouts
He retreats
In frustration
They compromise

He wonders
She reflects
In retrospection
They explore

He talks
She listens
In stillness
They comprehend

By momoko69

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Short Story: By the next wave

Waiting by the bay,
The little boat wondered,
"When will it be my turn? "
So many ships have come,
Yet none were willing to take her on.

As the gusty winds blow,
The little boat bobbed along.
A little wave rolled up,
"What are you waiting for?".
The question seemed poignant.

Swaying from side to side,
The little boat hesitated,
"Am I ready to face the world?"
What about the storms  and tidal waves?
The little wave smiled.

"These answers are in your heart!"
With much courage
The little boat sailed towards the open waters
A little voice echoed from afar
"You will never know if you never try"

By momoko69

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Poem: In the midst of solitude

Walking through the crowds
Her eyes searched for a familiar face
All she could see was her own reflection
Against the glass windows of the train
She wondered if she was a fragment
Of her own imagination
Her heart slowed down
Till her breaths became shallow.
The ticking of a clock
Quickened in hollow echoes
The unbearable loudness
Of her solitude brought
A rude awakening
To her otherwise peaceful soul

Friday, August 09, 2013

Eulogy: When Trouble came

I didn't like him at first glance. Mistrust written all over my face. I was a dog-person. How could I trust this feline that just hissed at me? I just did not like Trouble.

Over the next few years, he proved me wrong. When Ginger died on Christmas Eve, he came and sat with me. When Max died so tragically, he came again and sat with me. Maybe I took awhile to like this streetwise fella, but he was one smart cat.

Who got 4 not so handsome firefighters climbing up the roof of the sheltered walkway? Trouble! Who opened the fridge in the middle of night to steal the anchovies?  Trouble!  Who found a way to escape by jumping out of my window to get to the corridoors? Trouble! Who got his claws stuck under the fridge one day and whined till he was helped? TROUBLE with a capital T.

You grew weaker and weaker in the last 6 months but you never gave up living! You were tenacious right up to your very last breath. I am so proud of you, my dear friend because you are a true warrior. When the life was drained from you, I saw a beautiful heave of relief from your lips.

Thank you for keeping my mom company in the years when I was away in Perth. Thank you for listening to me cry when I lost the two young ones. Thank you for allowing me to walk with you for the last part of your journey. I am honoured to be one of your nurses to clean when you messed up and to be your undertaker to embalm you.

Perhaps right now, you are playing with Max and Ginger... meeting new friends like Lucky and Milkyboy. Wherever you are, I know you and I are linked forever. I live to continue to tell a tale... When Trouble came... he lived an adventurous life and left a legacy of courage and tenacity for life!

Thank you, God for taking my suggestion of bringing Trouble home in time for the great celebration of Singapore's 48th birthday!

Remembering a dear friend...

by momoko69