Thursday, March 21, 2013

Poem: When you grow up...

Child, did you realise
When you were young
Your world was white
A canvas that was filled
With colourful fantasies
Till your eyes got clouded
With the storms that threatened
To colour your world black

Child,  did you know
That when you got older
Everything in your world
Was a grey mass
What was real in there
Became more and more
Unclear and unknown
In the years to come

Child, did you understand
About the responsibilities
That you will carry all your life
That will make you grow up
Too quickly in a few breaths
Before you can say "stop"
You got locked in your state
Of feeling sorry for yourself

Child, did you figure out
By then how many winding roads
You had to walk so
That you could finally find
Your way home to your beloved
Never in your wildest dreams
Would you have imagine
The life that you have lived

By momoko69