Saturday, August 18, 2007

Things I remember about my daddy

He loved durians, satay and chicken rice!
He laughed with great gusto.
He often wrote in cursive handwriting.
He was very good in Maths!
He was an avid reader.
He was a lecturer at St John Ambulance.
He donated countless pints of blood to Red Cross Society!
He was a storekeeper at a shipping firm.
He was respected by his fellow colleagues.
He was a patient man.
He met my mom through a matchmaker.
He thought my mom was chubby and didn't like her at first glance.
He married my mom at 32 years old.
He never quarrelled with mom.
He once wrote a testimony about his love for Jesus.
He taught me to like Mathematics.
He protected me when mom came after me with a cane.
He fell down once while trying to take me to my Primary School Sports Day.
He was admitted to Alexandra Hospital when he got very sick.
He died when he was 42 years old.
His name is Peter Chua Eng Huat.