Monday, November 12, 2012


Have you ever notice this? Timing is everything. When I get up late, all the items in my schedule get topsy turvy. When I say something to someone without considering the timing, I have to eat humble pie when the person gets offended.

Relationships also need good timing. Some people are not ready for relationships and yet they jump from one unhappy relationship to another. Some wait and wait and they wonder if they miss the timing altogether.

What is it like to wait patiently for someone? Let me try to describe it:

It's like waiting at a platform where the train schedule is always unpredictable. It's sitting there knowing that the train will come eventually but not knowing which is the day and time. So each day, you walk to the station hoping that today is the day that you will be just in time for the train.

Some days, you walk to the station and you realise it's not coming today because its broken down along the way. On those days, you cry a little for the potential of what it means if it had made it to the station where you are.

Some say it is so tiring to wait for a train that is unpredictable. You are all packed and ready to go but you stand there wondering if you would ever make the trip on the train which is supposed to come. All that waiting may be for nothing. And yet, the dreamer in us will always be hopeful.

On some days, the train arrives but it is so full of passengers that you just can't get on it. No matter how many times you beg the train master to let you on the train, he will always say, "Sorry, maybe not this time!". You know it's so close and yet it is just bad timing.

On certain days, the train may have been siting there for a while and yet you are unsure if you want to get in. The train looks dirty and full of garbage. It needs an overall clean up after being used and abused by the passengers who took the last ride. The timing is just not right. It needs loving care to be restored to its original glory.

So the timing must be right. It means the waiting time is part and parcel of the deal. Many of us are not inclined to wait. For we are afraid to lose all that we have and afraid that we may not get what we want if the train that comes along disappoints us terribly.

So I propose we take this on a different level. Instead of waiting for the train indefinitely, we take the initiative to know what we want in a ride. We identify what is important to us to ensure that we don't waste time on frivolous rides. So that the next time a train pulls into a station, we can see clearly if this is the right timing to hop onto this train and take the ride of our lives.

By momoko69