Monday, December 24, 2012

When loneliness comes to visit...

A recent chat with my friend awakened me...
To the universality of the loneliness we experienced within.

A yearning to talk to someone.
A hope to connect with a loved one.
A wish to spend time over a simple meal.
A connection without the need for words.
A foreign place, with a newborn and no family around.
A desire to be seen, literally.

We spoke in the midst of a caphony of sounds.
We talked about what makes us feel lonely.
We resonated to each other's stories and experiences.
We shared about our ways of coping.

Though we didn't really solve the root of the problem...
We found strength to carry on another day.
We found catharsis in stating the truth of our situation.
We also acknowledged that it is difficult for anything to change in our current social environment if we don't step out of our comfort zone.

God showed me that I am not alone...
That there are others who share my sentiments despite their marital statuses.
So much is left unsaid so we feel so alone in our individual worlds.

By momoko69