Monday, July 16, 2012

Poem: A Pebble At A Time

She watches as he walks along the road
His back seems hunched from the weight
Of his burdens he has been carrying
For so long, he walks alone...
For once, he takes a break...

She walks a little distance behind him
His eyes focus only on what's ahead
Of his aspirations he has been dreaming
For some time now, he strives on...
For some moments, he doubts if he can do it

She picks up a pebble along the way
He walks up to a quiet stream
Where his heart rests and his mind sleeps
In that moment, she slips into his hands
A tiny momento... a heartfelt prayer uttered

She hopes each pebble gives him strength
He hopes to slow down the sands of time
When there will be dancing and singing
In moments of great rejoicing
A pebble tower sits... it's where her heart resides.

by momoko69

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