Wednesday, July 04, 2012

From me to Papa

Papa God,

You knew me before I was born.
You probably saw me in my first conception, and you saw my future before me.
You probably frowned at some decisions I have made along the way all these years.
But you look out for me each time I fall.
The cuts and bruises were not so painful because You were always there beside me in silence.

Thank you for never giving up on me despite my rebellious spirit.
You are always there to open your arms each time I run home to you.
Thank you for reminding that I am loved when I don't feel so good about myself on gloomy days. There are days where I doubt if You made the right decision to choose me for each job.
But You convince me that the journey is worth far more than the destination.

Papa, when You look at me now, I hope I've made You proud. Not by what I do, but by the way I try to live my life by not looking back and moving forward to make each day count.

What counts is who I am in Your eyes.

Yours truly,
your Sheep in Progress

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